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When I walked into Dana’s office about ten years ago and saw this little woman, I thought that there was no way she’d give me the type of massage I’d been searching for. I assumed it would be another superficial oil rub. I was exceedingly wrong! 

I came away with the type of deep muscle work I’d been trying to find for years.

Dana seems to intuit what work your body needs and, trust me, gives it to you. She locates all the knots and cables and makes them disappear. She will ask if you have a particular problem and will thoroughly address it. She’s warm and caring and will do her utmost to see that you leave feeling better.

I can’t imagine going elsewhere.

Synthia Scofield

I’m a former Marine and powerlifter. I’ve been practicing martial arts for twenty-five years and work out almost daily.

Finding a great sports massage therapist is NOT EASY.

I had one massage therapist for years that was the best I had experienced. After she retired,I thought I would never find someone as skilled.

I was wrong. Dana and her team at RFPB Massage are outstanding. She has kept me healthy, active and able to do what I want physically, even at age 48 with decades of wear and tear from being active.

I can’t recommend Dana and her team highly enough…

William Huff, Jr.

There are many forms of “massage” out there and making sure you get to the right type of therapist for the right kind of massage can be frustrating.

Dana and her team at RFPB are the FARTHEST thing from your “club rubs”; if you are looking for rejuvenating, refreshing, therapeutic massage therapy, you have find the right place.

While I am not an athlete and haven’t done intense deep-tissue massages, the other forms of therapy offered here are outstanding.

Whatever your massage needs are, Dana and her team will be one of the best experiences you will ever have – but don’t take my word for it.

See for yourself!

Donna Rager

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