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Meditation Coaching

Meditation Coaching For Health And Performance Enhancement

Mindful meditation is an incredible tool that can be used to enhance your life and business success. Your mind works no stop and rarely ever rests. It has to remember everything, and recycle old information when necessary or if it’s bored. Learning how you can harness the mind to use it in the pursuit for your desires and dreams is a very powerful skill. Letting your mind wander around wherever and whenever it needs to can make you feel like a hamster on a wheel, chasing useless thoughts endlessly.

Meditation is life changing. Essentially, it entails learning how to observe our mental habits in order to let go of the habits that can inhibit our wellbeing, while cultivating new ones that can develop into emotional resilience, calmness, and clarity.

However, we may find it difficult to recognize the unhealthy patterns of mental activity, simply because they have been affecting us our whole lives. This can lead to a certain kind of “stuckness” whereby we are aware of exactly what needs to be changed in our lives, but we do not know how we can go about it.

This is why having a meditation coaching program is invaluable. Working with a meditation coach to mentor you can help you become more aware of your unhelpful habitual ways that are often unconscious, and suggest new ways for you to try to overcome these obstacles. Such subtle but significant shifts in habitual ways that relate to your behavior can help you to become more at ease with yourself, and therefore find greater joy and fulfillment in your life.

Meditation coaching also helps you to create and stick to an effective practice schedule; commitment is the only way to achieve success. Mentoring will not only help you to identify the various underlying habits that usually inhibit your optimal well-being and gives you more space to grow and improve on your own terms, but also helps you become empowered through your own insight and understanding, and therefore find a more authentic way of living.

Importance of Practicing Meditation for Optimal Performance

Besides helping you let go of unhealthy habits, practicing meditation can be highly beneficial in increasing fitness levels, boosting athletic performance, as well as improving your mental and emotional health.

1. Quicker Recovery Times

With regular meditation, casual exercisers and athletes can benefit from quick recovery from workouts and injuries. Physical activity is definitely great, but it also puts a lot of pressure on the body, leading to muscle fiber tears. Meditation can help reduce the down time from the common injuries experienced during workouts. Moreover, it can effectively improve the immune system, and therefore help prevent any illness that can wreak havoc in your workout routine, or take you out of the gam completely.

2. More Energy

When you bring your attention back to the present moment and let your mind release thoughts of the future and the past, you will be actually interrupting an ongoing conversation in your mind. Energy is the means of this interaction, and your body knows this. As such, in case you’re dealing with stressful thoughts, the body gets notified, and will respond accordingly – releasing hormones like adrenaline in preparation for flight or flight response. Since these hormones require huge amounts of energy, over-stimulation may lead to physical and mental fatigue.

3. Brain Training

Meditation can help you conquer the common “blind spots” that can tend to make our perceptions of our flaws worse than they really are. Conquering this helps to build self-confidence, and enhance performance. Through meditation, you will learn how to enhance your awareness of every muscle in your body, and therefore help you pinpoint any injury earlier to prevent further damage. It can also enhance your mind and body connection, helping you discover and use your maximum potential.

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