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Leg Compression Therapy

Using the NormaTec Recovery Systems for Sports Therapy

The Normatec recovery system is a massage device that promises to reduce muscle soreness and improve circulation. It helps people to recover more quickly between workouts, and offers dynamic compression massages that will help you to feel ready to train again more quickly even after an intense session.


The NormaTec recovery system is something that has been used by Olympic athletes and professional sportsmen for a long time now, but it is finally available commercially at a price that dedicated weekend warriors can afford. The system is ideal for people who want to enjoy the benefits of a vigorous massage without having to take extended time out of their day to see a massage therapist for a treatment. Indeed, it is even better than a massage because it covers the whole of the limb. There are packages that feature boots to massage the legs, and sleeves to massage the arms and shoulders, and the system uses high pressure to ‘flush’ the limb, removing lactic acid and leaving you feeling fresh and strong.


NormaTec recovery is something that many endurance athletes are starting to swear by. The system helps to prevent fatigue when you are consistently putting your body through heavy load, and it is ideal for relieving the soreness that comes from long running or cycling sessions, or heavy lifting and difficult grip work that puts pressure on your forearms.


NormaTec is not a substitute for deep tissue massage. It does a lot of similar things, and the cuffs can give you an invigorating massage, but unlike foam rolling and professional hand massages it is not a deep and targeted massage. The idea is to get the blood pumping in general and give you some soothing pressure.


NormaTec systems are now in the realms of ‘affordable’ for someone who is a dedicated athlete doing Ironmans or other extreme challenges, but they’re a hard expense to justify for someone who is more of a casual athlete. The good news is that there are many clinics where you can rent the system and enjoy the benefits of it on an occasional basis. This could be a boon to you if you’re preparing for a tournament or a race and you want a quick energy boost and some help with your recovery, but you can’t justify paying more than $1,500 for a system that you’re only going to need to use for short periods a few times a year.


NormaTec works best when it is combined with other training aids – whether that’s regular practice of yoga, massage therapy, contrast bathing or foam rolling. It takes a good and systematic approach to your training to overcome the challenges that the average endurance athlete faces. Nutrition and sleep can help a lot as well. Put them together as a way to train smarter and harder, and you will have a great system that will help you to consistently perform at your best, whatever kind of sport you practice.

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