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Corporate Chair Massage

The Benefits Of A Corporate Chair Massage For Your Employees

Workplace fatigue is one of the most common stressors in today’s lifestyle. Workplace stress can afflict the performance of the employees in several ways such as poor concentration, anxiety, headaches, depression, eyestrain, neck pain, irritability, as well as physical and emotional exhaustion.


Working long hours at a desk in front of a computer may lead to repetitive use injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome, and tendonitis. The end results of all this is poor employee productivity, high workplace turnover, and poor morale.


On the other hand, having healthy employees can contribute to the success of your company. Regular massage is one of the best ways of helping your employees alleviate some of the effects of repetitive use syndrome and stress.


Recent research has indicated that massage is essential for employees to have regular massage, because:

•    It reduces job stress

•    Increases their alertness

•    Reduces absenteeism from job related accidents and injuries

•    Improves their performance and productivity levels


The corporate chair massage is a time and cost effective way to offer the benefits of regular massage to the employees in your workplace. It’s essentially a great addition to the workplace wellness program for your employees, and can serve as a special reward for their hard work.


A chair massage ideally cuts through the daily grind. Spending about 15 minutes on the chair has been proven to increase productivity as well as creative thinking and at the same time decrease stress and prevent stress related injuries at your workplace. The chair massage is very important in building goodwill and morale among your employees, and they will perceive the massage as essential to their wellbeing, even when they have to pay for it by themselves.


Corporate chair massage can make a significant difference in the well being of an employee, where in just 15 minutes it reduces stress in the muscles, and alerts the staff to the fact that they may be putting themselves under a lot of unnecessary stress. With a therapist, it’s possible to pinpoint the problem areas, and once identified, the staff can take the necessary steps to make sure that they prevent stress from building up in the future.


If you are the manager and you have noticed that the productivity of your employees drops towards the end of the day, you can instantly see great improvements with regular office massages for the staff. Moreover, keep in mind that your employees need to know that you do value them. Since actions speak louder than words, arranging corporate massage chairs for them will let them know you do care enough by arranging regular massage sessions.


People are increasing recognizing the benefits of taking regular breaks in order to counteract the effects of sitting in front of the computer screen the whole day. it follows that companies are realizing the benefits of providing their staff with corporate massage services with the aim of boosting their morale and keeping them healthy and happy at work. Stand out from your competitors by doing something different to offer your employees a healthy solution with a corporate chair massage.

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