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ART Therapy

An Introduction to Active Release Technique (ART)

Do you suffer from some type of chronic pain and want to find alternatives to pharmaceutical or surgical treatments? If so, then you should investigate the Active Release Technique developed and patented by P. Michael Leahy. Chiropractors and similar medical professionals around the country have been trained in this unique therapeutic technique.

The process is designed to specifically target muscles and connective tissues. When the fascia, tendons and ligaments become injured, scar tissue can form, just as it does in muscles. This is accompanied by pain, inflammation and even nerve damage. Leahy, a sports chiropractor, found that traditional deep tissue massage and myofascial release were not always sufficient to relieve client pain.

You can experience a reduction in several types of pain, from tension headaches to plantar fascittis and everything in between. Other common problems that can benefit from ART include shin splints, carpal tunnel syndrome and tennis elbow.

No matter where the adhesion is, nor the cause, the treatments work by breaking up the scar tissue and restoring mobility. With each session, your flexibility will increase. At the same time, pain and swelling are reduced by additional blood flow and movement of lymphatic fluids.

The pressure on your nerves from the scar tissue can lead to numbness and pain, even far from the site. For instance, sciatic nerve pain often shoots far down the legs. By relieving the compression, the symptoms will begin to subside.

In addition to pain, scar tissue accumulation can result in reduced strength and stiffness. Pain or throbbing when your heart rate goes up might indicate excessive adhesion, as is a loss of strength and/or range of motion.

Your certified practitioner will determine the most effective treatment protocol based on the symptoms you present. Hundreds of specific movements are used in the Active Release Technique treatments though not all are used on each patient.

With your first visit, you will notice an increase in flexibility. Subsequent sessions will yield even greater results, allowing you to move freely and comfortably.

If you have poor range of motion due to prior injuries, these treatments will help you regain mobility. Chronic neck and back pain symptoms can be dramatically reduced, giving you more freedom.

For athletes, being in peak condition is vital to performance. Even minor amounts of pain can have a dramatic impact on competitive results. Fortunately, the modern medical technique ART is helping runners and other sports enthusiasts to heal faster. A reduced time for muscle recovery and faster healing are a couple of the benefits athletes receive from the Active Release Technique.

However, it is not athletes alone who can utilize these treatments to get lasting relief. No matter what the cause of your tissue damage, you can consult with a specialist trained in ART to experience similar benefits. Although the techniques are similar to other forms of treatment, it differs from traditional massage, the Graston Technique and other therapies.

Men and women of all ages and lifestyles have already seen a significant improvement in health and quality of life with the ART treatments. If you are tired of your symptoms, you will be amazed at what a difference it can make!

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